We will be down for about an hour on 3/16/19 for plugin, server api, and server wrapper updates.

Some settings have been changed that will enhance your experience and game play. It however will add a slight strain to those with weaker computers.

Max view distance in all world's went from 8 to 10 now. It is important to note that it will send 10 chunk view distance to all clients regardless of their personal view distance setting. So cranking up to 16 server side would be too much. Players now are visable from 128 blocks away, rather than 40 it was set to before. On massive servers this is typically set low as they can have up to 5000 players within each other in their spawn world. For us it's fine. View distance for mobs and animals is 80, with a 85 tracking range. 

Item frames, signs and other tiles/entities are now visable at 25 blocks and detailed at 20. This may change.

If you are struggling with fps please make sure your running optifine and tune it to your needs.

Sunny_Girl11 Help i looked in a random chest and i went to jail please help - Sunny_Girl
NachoNormal Is that why a lot of players are having issues?

AuctionHouse was replaced with a better 1.13.2 paid plugin YourAuction

We also now have a very advanced player shop plugin "Shops" which is like ChestShops, but new and fancy, we will keep chestshops but i figured new players will like to see newer plugins that they are used to seeing on other servers.

I am also working on a GUI for all the warps, so you dont have to juggle through 300 warps to find the 12 or so shops or the 6 living areas. That should be setup tomorrow.

Also you will notice we are opening more living places in the city. Automessages will let you know them. I also cleaned up auto messages a ton and made them much much less spammy. Like 1/5th of what they used to be. Your welcome.

/help was heavily modified to be a little easier to read and updated to the new plugins to teach you guys the commands.

NachoNormal how do u set up the new chest shops, and the new gambling thing?

Ball drop went great! Sorry the video loading isnt perfect. Was using my laptop. I must say we hit like 24 players. Impressive.

We will be doing a new years ball drop. A real one. At midnight EST time zone. I recommend showing up on new years eve at 11:55pm at /warp drop to make sure you dont miss it! There will be all kinds of loot!

ZhootZ I sent a request to be white listed but have not got a response please help